Post-tourism, the end of tourism as we know it | Marysia Złonkiewicz

Are you aware that you are a subject to the wide range of processes (psychological, commercial and ideological) when travelling? For the post-tourist the inhabitants of other countries are trading partners — not a service or part of the landscape. Post-tourism has a crucial impact on the form of tourism.

Marysia Złonkiewicz is the cultural expert at Balkan studies, tourism theorist and a world traveler. Together with Paweł Cywiński she has created the innovative project consociating the leading Polish tourism researchers. Their aim is to explain the variety of mechanisms to which all the tourists travelling to far-flung places are exposed. In her scientific work, Marysia deals with the problems of contemporary cross-cultural relations, stereotyping theory in tourism, and transformations of the Bosnian Islam. She lived and visited Southeast Asia, the Horn of Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans.