Take care of smog or stop breathing | Mateusz Zmyślony

Mateusz Zmyślony is an expert in the fields of social communication and advertising. He is the founder and Creative Director of ESKADRA Group, one of the leading independent marketing companies operating on the Polish market.

For over 20 years, he has actively worked as a consultant, strategy-setter and project designer in the fields of place branding and events marketing. In 2006 he devised the winning strategy and campaign promoting the Polish–Ukrainian candidacy to organise UEFA EURO 2012. He co-authored many prestigious award-winning marketing projects. He is the only Polish winner of three Globe Awards for campaigns for such brands as Zywiec, Idea and Krakow.

He is also an active lecturer, feature writer, and coach. Together with Professor Jerzy Hausner, he has worked on two original research projects: “Open Eyes Economy” and “The Firm as an Idea”.