Cheating the senses – new emotions in new media | Karolina Jacewicz

A graduate of animation at UAP in Poznań. Her works embrace eclectic images based on classical animation techniques with widely understood media. She introduced “a.e.i.o.u” project in 2008 at the exhibition at the Mittwoch Gallery in Berlin. Karolina is an author of several large-scale multimedia projections in various urban spaces, including the Urban Affairs Berlin and Outer Spaces in Poznan. She co-authored the multimedia design for the Wagner Vultures in the opera Oviedo (Spain) and the Opening Ceremony of the European Capital of Culture 2016 in Wrocław. Together with Kuba Janicki, Marek Pospieszalski, Bartek Chmara and Tomek Sroczyński, she co-creates an audiovisual jazz project “Tirvyous Wagon.” Karolina prepared the visual design of the Mister D and Kroki tour and her clip for the Zabrocki’s “Herbu pigtail” was nominated for a Yacha Award.