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On June 30th TEDxPoznań invites you to the Aula Artis (Collegium Da Vinci, Kutrzeby 10) for the main TEDxPoznań conference in 2018! Together with our speakers we will ask a very important question – “Do we really have to…?”

Do we really have to live as others want us to? Do we really have to be afraid of ageing or worried about the changes in gender roles? Do we really have to succeed fast? Do we really have to work? Do we really have to be perfect?

The main theme comes from the spirit of contrariness and the willingness to deal with various beliefs about what we “should” do, or what “should be” done… in so many different fields of life! We want to broaden our perspectives, undermine the status quo and its “absolute truths”.

DATE: June 30th 2018

PLACE: Aula Artis, Collegium da Vinci, Kutrzeby 10 Street, Poznań



START: 10:00 AM


GRATIS: you receive from us a book

PARKING: in the parking zone; we suggest using public transport or a bicycle

TRANSLATIONS: event will be held both in Polish and in English (simultaneous translation will be provided; order headphones on during registration process)

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Helena Norowicz

actress, model | Warsaw

Helena Norowicz works as an actress and a model. She graduated from Lodz Film School in 1958 and started her career in theater, cinema and television. In 2015 she returned to show business as a muse of the BOHOBOCO designers' duet. Her presence in their advertising campaigns delighted the audience.<br /> During an interview with Maciek Kautz at TEDxPoznań 2018, she will talk about whether we really have to be afraid of ageing, what does “the third age`` really mean and how to celebrate maturity with grace and joy.

Rafał Ferber


The mix of X, Y and Z generations. Rafał graduated from Collegium Civitas and the University of Social Psychology (SWPS). He is an author of one of the first diploma theses on the use of internet marketing in election campaigns. He worked for and in a corporation, and created the fanpage called Mordor Na Domaniewskiej, which has enjoyed growing popularity for over 5 years. He is an absolute social media enthusiast. On a daily basis he runs advertising agency, and after hours - also a 365 * 1% project.<br /> At TEDxPoznań he will talk about whether do we really have to constantly improve and strive for perfection at all costs.

Katerina Kamprani


Katerina Kamprani studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens from where she received her diploma in 2006. In 2008 she started a postgraduate program in Design of Products and Interactive Systems at the University of Aegean in an attempt to redefine her career. Her studies in industrial design were never completed and one year later she started her personal project, The Uncomfortable. Balancing humor, art and design, Katerina analyzes and redesigns everyday objects in order to make them inconvenient. The Uncomfortable images are a steady viral phenomenon on the internet since 2013, while also appearing in magazines worldwide and in commercial ad campaigns. The images have been used as educational material to help explain terms of design to children and students alike. In 2017 The Uncomfortable objects were manufactured as prototypes for Katerina's first solo exhibition at Zagreb Design Week.<br /> On TEDxPoznań, she will try to answer the question ``do we really need to be comfortable?``.

Agnieszka Wojciechowska - Sej

Art historian, educator | Łódź

Art historian, educator, juror of the Art Olympics, mother of three daughters. Since 2008 she has been working at the Museum of Art in Łódź in the Education Department. Agnieszka implements activities addressed to all age groups. A special area of her interest are non-standard lectures on trivial topics. She believes that to know and understand current art, it is good to have solid foundations and not to disregard the Italian revival. In the story of whether we really have to be interested in the art she will speak about repairing the electric stove, the arrangement of the shop display, expert knowledge of the technical school technicum and the gift of bilocation of long-lived artists.

Matt Harasymczuk

bioastronautics researcher, pilot, aerospace and software engineer, skydiver, advanced scuba diver and military combat medic | Cracow / Warsaw

Matt worked as an Engineer with the European Space Agency. He also graduated with Computer Science degree and studied Aerospace and Astronautics at Polish Air Force Academy. He is a bioastronautics researcher, pilot, aerospace and software engineer, skydiver, advanced scuba diver and military combat medic (TCCC, ACLS). He helped ESA on Moon and Mars research with extraterrestrial habitats and Extravehicular Activities operations, 3D bioprinting, among others. Together with team he built a habitat in Poland. He was trusted to participate in three innovative missions. He graduated from project PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut program where his main focus was on pressurized suit operations, hypoxia, human performance in micro-g and high-g environment. During our conference he will ask the question: do we really have to invest in human space flights?

Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka

sociologist, entrepreneur, one of the founders of the Kosmos dla Dziewczynek Foundation, mother of two girls | Warsaw

Jagoda is the co-creator of the Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych, one of the founders of the Kosmos dla Dziewczynek Foundation, sociologist, entrepreneur, mother of two girls. She is passionate about strengthening girls' sense of values and creating an environment free from stereotypes. She is implementing her mission by publishing the magazine ``Cosmos for girls``. She will tell us that the world needs two elements in balance: masculine and feminine to be a good place to live and ask one very important question: does passion really have a gender?

Krzysztof Story

Journalist, traveler

He cooperated with Gazeta Wyborcza, Tygodnik Powszechny, and Kontynenty magazine. In his previous life, he was a software developer, but later on his surname forced him to tell stories. For over 10 years, he has been travelling around the world, spending more time on the road than in place. While traveling, he is especially searching for the beauty of nature and interesting encounters. At the same time, he appreciates simple views through the window of the train. He often travels alone, recently choosing a bicycle as his main vehicle. He considers curiosity of the world his greatest value. He climbs, sails, and above all - listens and observes. His photos and stories are published at At TEDxPoznań Krzysztof will talk about some of his trips. About the ones, which always start with silence. Together, we will ask ourselves - do we really have to... listen?

Katarzyna Wągrowska

author of the blog Ograniczam Się and the book ``Życie zero waste`` (“Zero waste life”) | Poznań

Katarzyna Wągrowska - author of the blog Ograniczam Się and the book ``Życie zero waste`` (“Zero waste life”). The founder of the Givebox Poznań initiative. For several years, she has been aiming at living without waste. She believes that the actions of individuals can change the world for the better. Do we really have to buy so much and then throw it away? Can you have a compost bin at home? What can you do to reduce your environmental footprint? During her lecture, Kasia will explain that zero waste living is not an abstract concept, but a real option, available to all of us.