Retraining our brains to hear and beyond | Margo Heston

Margo argues that a hearing aid does not settle the matter when it comes to improving life comfort of the deaf and those hard of hearing. In order to do it and to enable them, e.g. learning a new language she and her colleagues launched Speech Banana project.

Margo Heston is a native of Los Angeles, California and a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University in Biomedical Engineering. While at Hopkins, she helped developed SpeechBanana, an iPad and online application providing prelingually deaf adults with auditory training to help them use their hearing devices optimally. She has always strived to improve her community, from those directly around her to more global prospects, including working as a peer leader in many circles at her university and traveling to Poland on a Fulbright grant this year, teaching and mentoring students to push their fields forward through engineering.