Education requires mistakes | Kamil Dziadkiewicz

How the effective education should look like? How to turn fun into study and, conversely, to make study time fun? How and why 3D printing will revolutionize not only education but our entire life? Thanks to Kamil Dziadkiewicz from Omni3D these are not open questions.

Kamil Dziadkiewicz: Technology evangelist in Omni3D. Although professionally trained as a teacher and a specialist in Polish studies he loves everything that has something to do with technology. Over the years, he has been co-creating TV programs in the biggest Polish stations. Fascinated by the revolution associated with 3D printing he can talk about it for hours. For this reason, telling people about the issue is one of his occupations. In the spare time he co-hosts a podcast “Webskie Chłopaki” and runs “Reality Maker” – a vlog about 3D printing.